Junex inc.

A New Exploration Frontier


Junex holds in this still to be explored basin four blocs of licences totalling more than 720,895 hectares (1,781,370 acres). The blocs are distributed in four sub basins, two are Ordovician and two are Devonian. Before Junex’s arrival, this region had never been the object of any exploration work for natural gas. Nevertheless, these sub basins are located in the south extension of Gaspé’s synclinorium whose oil potential is well established. The results of geochemical analyses more than 300 Ordovician and Devonian Shale outcrop samples taken by Junex indicate that these rocks have good source-rocks properties and that they would be favourable units for the exploration of gas deposits.

Oil and natural gas exploration in Quebec: AppalachianZoom

From 2009 to 2010, Junex carried out three stratigraphic wells and two new regional seismic profiles.

Important elements of this work will determine the sequence’s variations in thickness, TOC content, thermal maturity and mineralogical properties.

3 test wells drilled