Junex inc.

An Efficient Dust-Controller and De-icing Product


Natural Brine produced by Junex is salted water buried in the underground for more than 400 million years. This colorless and odourless liquid is rich in calcium chloride, sodium chloride and magnesium chloride.

The main feature of natural brine is its concentration in dissolved salts, varying from 200g/l to 340 g/l. Because of its rich proprieties, natural brine is an excellent deicing product as well as an effective dust control agent.

During summer, natural brine produced by Junex is one of the products used to reduce excessive uplifting of dust on unpaved roads. Therefore, it greatly contributes to ensure better safety for users and to reduce certain problems that cause rapid deterioration of the road.

In the winter market, natural brine produced by Junex is mainly used as a complement to calcium chloride.

Spraying liquid brine on the salt de-icer right before its application on the road is a simple process (pre-wetting), which greatly improves the effectiveness of de-icing salts on the road. This method is therefore more effective than the application of de-icing salt only and contributes to reduce the quantity of chlorides dumped in the environment. Brine is also used for the treatment of abrasives (sand or gravel) that are applied to roads in very cold weather. When treated with brine, the abrasive grains are coated and moistened so as to improve their adhesion to the road. As a result, the abrasive-treated brine has a much more efficient non-slip effect on the road.