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Serving Local Industry’s Needs

Services offered

Since 1988, Foragaz has developed an expertise in a wide range of skills in the oil and gas drilling field. Among others, these operations include:

Oil and Gas drillings from 100 to 2,000 m

  • St. Lawrence Low Lands
    • Quebec
    • Lotbinière
    • Centre du Québec
    • Richelieu
    • Trois-Rivières and surrounding areas
  • Gaspésie
  • Lower St. Lawrence
  • Chaleurs Bay

Completion work

  • Workover capacity of 2,700 m in depth
  • Casing exit
  • Side track leg
  • Permanent installation of downhole gage
  • Downhole PC pump installation to 1,200 m in depth
  • Jack pump installation to 2,300 m in depth
  • Plunger lift installation

Well testing

  • Production testing of oil, gas and brine wells (production start-up, parameters measurements, sampling, layout)
  • Production survey