Junex inc.

Safety is the Basis of our Concerns


Here at Junex and Foragaz, we consider our personnel and the public’s health and safety as one of our most fundamental values. Thus, we are putting in place different ways to protect the safety of each and all.

The Health and Safety policy at Junex and Foragaz was elaborated by following the practices recommended by the industry in western Canada (Enform IRP.9) and it exceeds the Règlement en Santé et Sécurité au Travail du Québec (L.R.Q., chapitre S-2.1). A multitude of initiatives for the worker’s safety on our sites is also in effect. These initiatives can be found in individual safety equipment as well as in the our Prevention of Work Related Accident Incentive Program. This program was put in place in order to value and recognize every worker’s implication in the safety of operations. Safety is everyone’s business, so everyone’s gestures and efforts must be recognized.

As with health and safety, Junex and Foragaz have developed an ‘Emergency Action Plan’ based on the oil industry’s regulation of western Canada (Directive 071 de l'ERCB).The emergency plan was adapted in order to meet Canadian standards (CAN/CSA Z731-03) and to insure that it is accepted by Quebec’s regulatory representatives.

LTA lost time accident 0.34 LTA severity indicator 0.97