China Finalizes Its Decision Cut Off Ties With Coal Imports from Australia

China has decided to get coal imports from Indonesia, Russia, and Mongolia after Chinese officials held a high-level session with the power industries. According to Chinese media, China has formalized restrictions on Australian coal imports, which targets $14 billion in coal exports.
The Global Times reported that The National Development and Reform Commission had a meeting with 10 leading power industries and gave them the approval to import coal without limitations on clearance except for Australia.
It was also reported the priority of importing cola would be granted to Indonesia, Russia, and Mongolia. The power industries …

The Start of Threatening Warming Could Happen Between 2027 and 2042

The range of threshold in crossing threatening global warming is likely to occur between 2027 and 2042. The time frame is narrower than the Intergovernmental Panel estimate on Climate Change, which is the current year and 2052.
Climate Dynamics released a study conducted by researchers from McGill University. They provided an updated and specific method to predict the temperature of Earth. This new method can significantly lessen the doubts when compared to the previous methods used to gather historical information.
Scientists have made global warming predictions by utilizing climate models for the longest time. These are …

Measures for Climate Change Are Included in Coronavirus Relief Deal

President Donald Trump signed the coronavirus relief deal covering the legislation to have funds included for regulating greenhouse gases that affect the climate and technologies for clean, clean energy. This action made everyone hopeful for the climate goals of President-elect Joe Biden.
This bill is included in the Omnibus Appropriations Bill, which also covers the coronavirus relief deal allowing $35 billion to be spent on wind, solar, and other clean energy sources in the next 5 years.
Moreover, it also has new policies to phase out hydrofluorocarbon, which is a coolant that causes global warming and is found in air …