Energy Journey is an integrative journal wherein experts such as natural engineers and scientists, energy policy analysts, economists, and lawyers share their opinions and knowledge to communicate their ideas and knowledge better. As a result, they can improve policies, lessen conflicts, and accelerate social welfare.

Energy Journey wants open communication among the various social sciences since the demand and supply for energy is monitored and analyzed concerning the implementation and creation of policies. If these policies are effective, there can be rapid environmental and social effects on supply, transportation, and energy usage. The journal gives more importance to policy distribution than policy creation.

Energy geopolitics is as crucial as the effects of environmental policies and various technologies on local, national, and world energy politics. At Energy Journey, we aim to have a platform where we can share professional and constructive knowledge and discussion of different fields and professions, including finance. The ramifications of the policies from research need to be discussed.

For the environmental implications, scientific theories need to be addressed on top of the amount of emission. This is more vital to technical documents based on opinions given by other fields, policymakers, and funding organizations.