China Finalizes Its Decision Cut Off Ties With Coal Imports from Australia

China has decided to get coal imports from Indonesia, Russia, and Mongolia after Chinese officials held a high-level session with the power industries. According to Chinese media, China has formalized restrictions on Australian coal imports, which targets $14 billion in coal exports.

The Global Times reported that The National Development and Reform Commission had a meeting with 10 leading power industries and gave them the approval to import coal without limitations on clearance except for Australia.

It was also reported the priority of importing cola would be granted to Indonesia, Russia, and Mongolia. The power industries will also provide their inventory to make sure that the prices do not go over 640 Yuan for every tonne.

The strain of the relationship between Australia and China had started when Australia maintained its stand regarding China’s territorial pursuance. The Chinese government found this unfair because of Australia targeting China in its interference. There was also a call for the investigation of the origin of disease outbreaks across the globe.

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