Advancements in New Hybrid Energy Systems Could Be Ideal For Shifting Into Clean Energy

Last week, Joule published a paper saying that the future of new hybrid systems could be ideal in transitioning into clean energy use.

According to the researchers from the 3 applied energy laboratories, namely the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the National Energy Technology Laboratory, and Idaho National Laboratory from the Department of Energy in the US wrote a paper about the possible integration of these systems.

They mention that new ideas can influence the simultaneous use of different energy generators, including fossil, nuclear, and renewable, by capturing carbon. As a result, heat, mobility, power, and other energy benefits can be provided.

This groundbreaking integration of fossil, nuclear, and renewable energies is geared towards addressing the nation’s great demand from a wholly and objective outlook.

Moreover, the paper shows the new and objective guidelines for creating machinery-based models and studies to provide composite improvement in generating, transmitting, servicing, processing, and marketing energy. Put more simply; the researchers want to outline a plan that focuses on the direction of hybrid energy systems.

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