Microplastic in the Wind Causes Pollution

Because plastic found in the ocean does not chemically break down, it breaks up into small pieces. As a result, microplastics are formed and have become an alarming environmental issue. Weizmann Institute of Science discovered this from their recent study about the problem with microplastics.

Microplastics are particles that have sizes smaller than 5 mm across. They are moved into the atmosphere and brought to various parts of the ocean because of the wind. Studies show that even the smallest pieces can be suspended in the air for hours or days. Therefore, these pieces can harm the environment by disrupting the food chain and affecting people’s health.

Dr. Miri Trainic and Prof. Yinon Rudich, who are part of Prof. Ilan Koren of the Institute’s Earth and Planetary Sciences Department groups and Prof. Assaf Vardi from the Institute’s Plant and Environmental Sciences Department, found out in their studies that microplastics present in the atmosphere are located directly above the water near shorelines.

Dr. Koren and Dr. Vardi have been working together for several years on studies to learn more about the link between the air and the ocean.

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