More Powerful and Efficient Solar Cells Made Possible Through New Formulation

Researchers from Hiroshima University in Japan came up with different molecular and polymer semiconductors utilized as photo-absorbers to make solar cells that could generate electricity better and have more efficient power.

OPV or photovoltaics are what these newly blended solar cells are called. These could produce electricity when the light comes in contact with the photo-absorbers.

The comparison between the amount of electricity generated and the amount of light that comes in contact with the cell is the determining factor of a solar cell’s efficiency.

This is called photo harvest, which means the number of light particles that are transformed into electric current. If a solar cell is efficient, it means that it is practical and affordable enough to be utilized commercially.

The team of researchers from the Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering put a bit of a compound that can absorb long light wavelengths into an OPV.

The solar cell has more efficiency compared to the cell that has no compound. There was better absorption because of the optical effect in the cell.

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