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Time-Proven Methods

Safe Operations

As an industrial activity, natural gas and oil extraction do not represent a risk more important than other industrial activities.

North America has many sedimentary basins which produce natural gas. There are approximately 700,000 wells that produce gas1 in the United States and Canada. In fact, the accident rate registered is in the average of industrial activities in their whole2. However, hydocarbon exploration and production require particular techniques and special equipment. This activity is heavily regulated everywhere in Canada. Drilling activities take into account specific issues such as:

  • The protection of workers and people;
  • Soil and Underground Water Protection measures;
  • Control of the Sub surface pressure;
  • Management of drilling and completion residue.

The use of good practices and the compliance to the applying rules by competent teams explain the low occurrence of accidents despite the high industry activity. The prevention and mitigation put forward by the project operators as well as the use of technology and improved procedures enable to meet the established environmental standards and laws.

1 United States Energy Information Administration et Office National de l'Énergie du Canada.
2 United States Bureau of Labor Statistics

In North America, 700,000 natural gas wells are in production